Travel to the USA - Big Apple New York & Washington DC ✈

When Pennymarkt airline tickets were offered in the US USA , I did not miss this opportunity and spontaneously bought 3 pieces. 2 of them I sold on Ebay. This financed the trip. After my landing at sunset in New York with -6 hours time change, brought to my great surprise, a joy in
Airport and showed me the Times Square at night. Then I took the subway to a friend of my father, where I was allowed to live during my stay in the district of Manhattan from New York.
The next day, I visited Times Square again with its many colorful advertising slogans. Then I went to the Trump Tower,
past the Empire State Building and the Flatiron Building to the former World Trate Center and on past Tiny Church to Wall Street.
From there I wandered through Chinatown towards the Brooklyn Bridge before heading to the ferry which took me to the State of Liberty after two security checks.
While driving on the ferry I had a nice view of the skyline of New York. Back we went with the very fast subway.
The next day I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, took the ferry to Staten Island and hiked to the two-story Verazzano Narrow Bridge.
The following day I spent in the Museum of natural History, that deals with the Evulution of life. In addition to many rocks and huge dinosaur skeletons there are also numerous animals in original size. There are information boards or films.
The following day, I walked down Broadway, the only slanted street in Manhattan, which was otherwise made up of right-angle one-way streets, to the Empire State Building. This is next to the Rockefeller Center, the only high-rise from the tourists for $ 16.- after long waiting times, the 8 million inhabitants metropolis New York from above may visit (see large 360 ??° panoramic view). Of course, there are also security checks at the airport.

In New York you can answer for the driver's license without driving lessons directly the 20 theory questions with 80% correctly and then go into the 7-minute driving test. If one survives this, in which one parks for example slowly, one gets his driver's license see Galileo from 01.05.2013. still better than in Mexico. Here you buy his driver's license for 20 euros quite legally on the driver's license.
Towards evening it suddenly started to snow. The next morning there was 40cm of fresh snow and it kept snowing. It thundered and flashed now and then. Vehicles of garbage collection became clearing vehicles. Salt was not.
The next day I went to Philadelphia with the Grayhound bus company. Contrary to the information, it was not necessary to be at the bus stop one hour before the departure of the bus. At the bus station in Philadelphia, I was approached by some people, whether I wanted to buy something, if I had 25 cents or if I could just lend $ 2175. Some time later I took the train to Devon. Here I resided in a sprawling, posh area and even got a modern hybrid car with a range of 60.1 miles per gallon to explore the surrounding area.
The cars in the state of Pennsylvania, in which the use of radar tekroten and riding a motorcycle without a helmet is allowed, are only provided at the rear with a license plate. Among other things, the American traffic regulations differ from the German traffic regulations in that you can overtake on the right and at red traffic lights that are not marked otherwise, turn red. Besides, everyone has to stop at annoying 4 way stops. Afterwards, first of all, who has stopped first.
On a reconnaissance trip I noticed a totally verwildertes plot in the middle of otherwise well-kept property. Here was a shed in a fully furnished, but dusty workshop in which, among other things, a last admitted in 1979 Porsche waited in vain for his restoration. Later, I learned that entering the property out of curiosity, I should have been shot in the US.
Between some rusted tool was even here a gun around. The old motorcycles, cars and a boat standing in front of the workshop are no longer salvaged.
A few days later I drove to Washington DC. There I visited, among other things, the white house. It is surrounded by a high fence, is closely guarded and much smaller than I expected.
Then I let my gaze wander over the area from the Washington Memorial before visiting the Capitol and taking a guided tour.
The next day I spent in the interesting Museum of Air and Space. Among other things, the movie "Night at the Museum 2" was filmed here. As in the US since the terrorist attacks, there were also security checks like at an airport.
In addition to many other museums, I also visited the Museum of Natural History here. Unfortunately the movie "Nachts im Museum" was released later and was not known to me at the time.
Back in Devon, I decided against traveling with Grayhound a few thousand kilometers to visit San Francisco, Los Angeles, Holywood or Chicago. Instead, I preferred to use something useful with my friendly hosts and went for a walk in spring weather. In the process, I discovered a BMW motorcycle shop, which increased my desire to finally ride a motorcycle again.
To my great joy, my German driver's license was recognized and off we went with a F650 GS. The following day I made an exit with the brand new BMW 1200 GS. Some time later I took the train back to New York via Philadelphia and Trenton, more specifically to Terminal 4 of JFK Airport from where my flight back to Germany started. As a single passenger, I was fortunate to be seated in a fully occupied Boeing 767 aircraft on a free seat in the comfort class when checking in. The flight went smoothly apart from the fact that we were again late.