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  • Hi, you can travel without GPS. Many people have done it before but GPS is a very nice thing to have (specially when searching for an embassy in a big city or to find your way back to the hotel) so im using it every day and will not go further then 2 km away from home without it ;-)
  • For all of you who don't want to spend a lot of money on GPS navigation or the program Garmin MapSource but still don't want to get lost:
  • 1)Get your self a Garmin Nüvi 255 (not water resistant) for only about US$100
  • 2)Get a 4 GB SD-Card (or use the intern ca. 1 GB memory of the system)
  • 3)Choose the country's you need from
  • 4)Enter your emailadress and wait until you get a email telling you where you can download your map
  • 5)Download the
  • 6)Make a Folder "Garmin" on your SD Card
  • 7)Extract the file gmapsupp.img out of the into the Folder "Garmin" on your SD-Card. Don't rename it (for older Garmin Nagigationssystems)
  • 8)Insert the SD-Card into your Navigationssystem. Finished
  • **********
  • You can also download maps directly from
  • and extract the gmapsupp.img into the "Garmin" folder on any SD Card you want to use (not bigger then 4 GB).

GPS Navi


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