Purchase advice and interesting facts about BMW 1250GS LC Adventure

Time and again I am asked on my travels why, as a German, I am not traveling with a BMW. My brief answer has always been: "cause im not stupid". Nowadays, however, more and more people have the courage to escape their boring slave life and to go on a world tour, I have written down my personal considerations. Maybe it can save the one or the other from a huge mistake away from the ADAC. It depends primarily on what reason you buy a Reiseenduro. Expensive things do not automatically make you happier.

v To show off in front of the ice cream parlor -> GS Perfect
v As a garage deco -> GS Perfect
v Start-up capability thanks to a thousand electronic helpers -> GS Perfect
v Much unnecessary accessories to screw on the market -> GS Perfect
v Enduro for high-speed runs only on German Autobahn -> GS Perfect
x Enduro to drive off-road -> way too heavy with all the electronic Klimbim
x Motorcycle for the daily way to work in city traffic -> way too wide
x Cheap means of transport -> with 20,000 euros much too expensive
x Easy and thus cheap maintenance -> Computer on wheels needs diagnostic computer
x Spare parts supply and easy repair worldwide -> much too vulnerable and complicated
x Long durability -> so far worst motorcycle ever with engine damage in all long-distance tests of magazines at ridiculous 50,000km see 1, 2, 3.

While you have fun with a used 700 Euro cheap Honda Transalp Enduro and can roam without problems sometimes through a forest, small scratches in the paint of a 20,000-euro expensive customer or press bike already cause considerable economic damage.
Anyone who can drive themselves, does not need a computer anyway, the quasi assumes the drive with ABS, ASR or Hillstart Control. Nevertheless, I drove the obese BMW several times on business.
The sun was shining and the warm temperatures ensured a good grip on the tires. As you would expect, the exits even with a BMW made a lot of fun.
Since I had been prohibited from handing over the Reiseenduro trips off the roads, I left the road only to take photos of the test machine. A cow just belongs on a meadow.
Afterwards the machines were allowed to show what they could do. The first gear crashed. The hydraulic clutch worked very easily.
The cardan, which transmits the power to the rear wheel via the HAG, does not last as long. That's why the competition already advertises: "Our Kardan will not break!" Who wanted, could read a pretty sharp tip in the direction of Munich.
A slight turn of the right hand was immediately translated into strong feed. The engine has powerful power and brings very fast to forbidden speeds.
Especially here in the US, where only a maximum of 75 miles are allowed, you risk quickly his driver's license.
The BMW 1200 GS seems to be more for the German Autobahn and even there the average Sunday drivers can not use the available power for more than 10 seconds. Then you are faster than 215 km / h on the way. Every second in which you do not use the available power, you waste money. For comparison, each 125cc now also reaches 100 km / h, with significantly lower fuel consumption. Also, you always have to buy tires with a high speed index, even if you never drive so fast. Remedy only M & S tires in conjunction with a speed sticker in the cockpit.
As light as the at least 250 kg load can be accelerated, it can be easily decelerated again. Often, thanks to the more intelligent assistants such as traction control, it automatically brakes itself to keep the less intelligent target group from getting on their toes, or does not release their performance in the rain program or rain program that quickly. Experienced drivers annoy such beginners chokes tremendously.
Meanwhile, the BMW R 1200 GS has as good brakes as all other motorcycles too. It's almost like riding against an invisible glass wall. In order for even novice drivers to be able to deal with such strong brakes, there is now electronic help from the computer: the ABS. At the same time, the braking force is automatically distributed to the front and rear. Nowadays it seems too much for a "motorcyclist" to know when to brake in front or in the back. A KO criterion for offroad rides, for wheelies and for drifting.
When new, the complex electronics still work reliably. (In the movie "Long way round" was a repair of the failed brake system on the road is not possible.) Especially in Third World countries you can not rely on the fact that others do everything for you, but must repair his vehicle, no matter what happens. Just that is hardly possible with a computer on wheels but without special tools, which you do not get here, of course. The warning lights in the cockpit are flashing. A new ABS control unit after a few years costs about 1500 euros.
A few meters later the box is standing. If both brakes do not suddenly fail completely. The failure of a vital brake appears to be quite common at BMW. Actually a case for the Kraftfahrtbundesamt, which should stop so bad board bombers for security reasons long ago. Nevertheless, BMW brakes continue to fall. Most drivers can not complain afterwards.
Renowned motorcycle magazines tell of further negative experiences with BMW motorcycles. After all, the machine has managed to fall three times in a row with engine damage through the endurance tests of the major motorcycle magazines: 1, 2, 3. . No motorcycle has been so bad. Accordingly their ratings are negative with "Only the replacement of the complete engine remains." MOTORCYCLE Issue 12/2014 and "The driver can thank his guardian angel that the inferno in the control center has not led to the blockage of the gearbox while driving." MOTORCYCLE Edition 17/2014. As has been the case for years, the editors ask the BMW Press Department in their comments, why their quality is below the "above all Japanese competitors" , while the price is significantly more expensive. The conversion of a sales contract then becomes another ordeal. Also BMW cars are considered extremely error- prone SWR market check dated 23.02.2016. and fall through in endurance tests again and again.
The competing products Triumph Tiger Explorer, Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Ténéré, Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Ténéré Worldcrosser and Honda Crosstourer cut very well without engine damage with "Impeccable condition after 50,000 kilometers" in MOTORCYCLE Edition 22/2013.
Motorcycles from Japan now manage the 50,000 km without measurable wear,
while other models from Munich at the 50,000 km actually ridiculously low long-distance tests repeatedly attract attention by engine damage: 1, 2, 3. , 4. (piston already worn). Quote from the experts of MOTORRAD 21/2009: "In any case, it is noticeable that Japanese machines are still barely affected by disasters, and the Japanese were always ahead in terms of quality and workmanship, and that's basically the same thing." The pros of 1000hp see it that way. It also confirms the old and old and the new Consumer Report. So nothing has improved.
"BMW and the MOTORCYCLE endurance test - this relationship did not always end happy in the past few years." Examples complacent? The first R 1200 GS in 2005: a major defect in rear-wheel drive and gearbox five years later, the K 1300 GT crashed with bursting Clutch basket and crankshaft damage: In 2014, the endurance test of the water-cooled R 1200 GS caused a major impact with a major gearbox damage. "
It should just be in this price range, a durability of far more than just 50,000 km of course and not a positive to be mentioned surprise. After all, that already create 600 euros Baumarktroller from China and super sports. The better is the good enemy.

A 20,000-euro motorbike should not only satisfy its buyer for a few hours, but also, like a half-price Honda, keep more than 75,000 km. Isolated cases? So many??? No one believes that anymore.

Update: While leading motorcycle manufacturers in Japan like Honda have been using water cooling since 1977, BMW, now 36 years behind the CX 500, now also offers the new model of the R 1200 GS LC with water cooling. However, it also does not seem to be more durable than its predecessors. Even in the long-distance test of the magazine motorcycle 12/2014 is at tender 44,000 km despite top maintenance, the gear verreckt. Amazing? Not really after the previous test results. Rather tradition.
These "travel enduros" seem built for novice drivers who do not ride faster than with a 125cc, but not for professional riders who also let the advertised more than 125 horses trot. One should not build on the goodwill.

If a 7975.70 Euro + installation expensive motor total damage not in the MOTORCYCLE test duration test table with only -5 points deduction as a breakdown by a much easier to repair, 1.50 euro cheap clutch train be scored BMW would probably not even under the Create 100 best motorcycles.

But so the GS, which has not even reached the goal, surprisingly, despite total loss with 68 out of 100 points still ranked 23 ahead of more reliable machines that have completed the test distance without measurable wear.
The BMW has allegedly saved so little loss of value (in% not in euros). This is paradoxical. A motorcycle with engine damage has only scrap value. What brings a cool-looking vehicle that does not even drive sensibly?

Thanks to good quality, however, you can not make it anymore these days, always with some tricks in the top 10 of newly registered vehicles. For this, vehicles only have to look good in advertising, but in real life they can not last longer than printers or televisions. Keyword planned obsolescence shortly after expiry of the guarantee. See also ARTE documentation "Buying for the garbage dump" and psychic obsolescence "I need the latest model like mine Neighbor "see WDR market from 12.01.2015.

Market research has proven that vehicles that last a long time and fully satisfy their owners are much less often replaced by new models. Of course, this is poison for the economy, so the shelf life of new products has been greatly reduced in recent years. A huge step backwards in environmental protection.
The legendary durability of the Honda engines was probably the reason why their production was discontinued. You could not earn money with her. Quote MOTORCYCLE: "Honda dealers sleep restlessly: The Transalp see them only sporadically for the big check up, the spare parts dusty on the shelves.The customers dream so peacefully: from the next holiday without problems." Who has bought a 1990 Transalp drives after 20 years still grinning with her. My soon has 75,000 km and runs perfectly ... so why buy a new one?
The target group of the GS are obviously people whose technical knowledge does not even go for an oil change. With the fear of the loss of warranty you force such customers repeatedly in an expensive workshop and pulls them over there the table see Frontal 21 from 18 July 2017 and BMW see ZDF Zoom from 11/10/2017. You have to strictly adhere to the maintenance plan and no matter how nonsensical. An annual change of all liquids, etc. is neither sensible nor legally prescribed for very young drivers and does not prevent any engine damage. As a result, you have a guarantee, however, if "Made in Germany" once again.

At the same time, serious deficiencies, such as high oil consumption of up to 1 liter per 1000 kilometers at "made in Germany" are simply defined as normal.
It has been proven that people without specialist knowledge can be deceived by their feelings and judgment heuristics . Such wealthy, anxious Sunday drivers, skilled salespeople (not to be confused with neutral consultants) can sell anything with the word "safety", even a 125hp vehicle for the ride to the ice cream parlor, though their driving skills are not even enough to drive a 50hp bike to master full throttle without electronic intelligence such as ASR.

The Benjamin-Franklin effect and small touches make commission-oriented sellers appear as trusted friends. The result of neutral journal tests is unconsciously devalued in the brain. Deficiencies that appear later are simply suppressed by selective perception .

Psychologically, this behavior is easy to explain. No one wants to admit a bad buy to avoid cognitive dissonance. Ergo, the product just has to be good.
Meanwhile, there is the BMW R 1200 GS LC with tire pressure sensors as a direct RDC or RDKS, while a motorcyclist clearly notices when the tire pressure is too low and the tire starts to work. Exactly because one feels something, enduro drivers deliberately drive with low air pressure. Only when the pressure drops even further, there is a real danger that the tire will jump off. Nevertheless, a flat tire at high speed has some inherent stability. Driving slowly with a flat tire is more difficult.
Helpful in a record would be a compressor in the tool kit instead of mice cinema in the display. Typically German is to panic, if there is no danger.

If the battery of the sensors (here shortly after expiry of the warranty) is empty, the speedometer shows nothing. However, changing the battery is not easy as with a wristwatch via a bayonet lock. Oh no. Instead, the battery is firmly riveted in the device and shed.
If you can not manage to test your tire pressure yourself at a petrol station, you have to bring your crate into a workshop. This is called customer loyalty. To BMW:

Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you very much for your email.
The life expectancy of a RDC sensor is indeed limited due to the integrated battery. It varies greatly, because not only the age, but also the kilometers driven and the number of system starts play a role. However, three to four years should normally be possible without any problems.
Replacement of the battery is not technically possible for reasons of operational safety, miniaturization and durability (centrifugal forces). This construction method is common in the entire automotive industry due to the circumstances mentioned and affects the RDC sensors in the passenger car and motorcycle sector alike.

Here are other manufacturers such as. Garmin of course, the batteries of their tire pressure sensors and even without the tires must be removed interchangeable. Other manufacturers such as VW come in passive or indirect TPMS systems without sensors in the tires. You simply monitor the tire with the existing ABS sensor. Of course, this also works with different tire dimensions, if one multiplies the revolutions before the comparison with the factor X. A flat tire turns faster than a full one. As long as there is no measurable difference, there is no danger to the driver.
However, the only solution at BMW is to replace the complete sensors for a tender 110 euros per bike + assembly. While other vehicles get along with cheap universal sensors, it must be here original sensors. Of course you need this first time a workshop appointment. A rogue who thinks of intentional cashiering of customers here.

Nevertheless, my friend managed to carefully saw off such a sensor and to release and replace the stored button cell. The sensor is held together with the valve by a single-use ring on the rim. Of course, this ring is not sold individually but only in a package with a new sensor.

But with the new 10 cents expensive batteries such a device did not work for a long time. Much more must a new sensor with a different serial number be taught only with the board electronics of the motorcycle. For this in turn needed a GS911 diagnostic device. For 479.- Euro, individuals can purchase one. However, such expensive home diagnostic equipment is limited to the marriage of 10 motorcycles. One can not repair all the motorcycles in the circle of friends with it, in order to secure the workshops their profit. Anyone who wants more, must acquire a diagnostic device for several thousand euros, it was explained to us by the workshop master. However, before you can marry the tire pressure sensor with the board electronics, you have to wake him first, otherwise he "sleeps" at speeds of less than 30 km / h. This requires another device. Then you can clear the error and drive back to normal. Great. Meanwhile there is the GS with Keyless Go see also "Remote key have big security gap" on 3Sat Nano from 28. April 2016, Geneva automobile salon on Phoenix from 13. March 2017 15:45, Marktcheck from 21.03.2017, SWR market check from 08.11.2016 and on ARD Verbraucherfalle from 05.12.2016. Even Motorradonline warns now. Apparently, nothing has been learned from the problem with the ring antenna.

The positive in the end: Meanwhile, BMW has copied the turn signals of the Japanese. Model 2017 hopefully comes with a reasonable fork instead of dangerous Telelever, like the Japanese. In the future, there should also be Hill Control at BMW, so that even every retiree can steer a 100 hp motorcycle. It will then drive the computer. Boring it does not work, because you can drive the same bus.
Fortunately, it has now become apparent that getting harder and harder is not always better. For decades, the Japanese have been selling small motorcycles in numbers that BMW can only dream of. BMW is now entering the market for agile, everyday vehicles with the new G 310 GS.

Conclusion: While all motorcycles make fun, proposes a 700 euro cheap Honda XL 600V Transalp a 20,000-euro BMW GS 1200 LC in the points reliability and longevity, easy maintenance (even to adjust the valves you need at a GS special tool), of course Price and thus in the loss in value per kilometer, with its narrower design in daily rush hour traffic, thanks to its lower weight in off-road driving off-road and in fuel consumption. But who buys a BMW already for daily driving?
The GS beats the Transalp with its top speed on the few unrestricted highway line in Germany (everywhere else more than 160 km / h of the Transalp are prohibited) and their beginner suitability due to the many electronic helpers and chokes. This makes it the perfect vehicle for Poser, who have nothing else to offer but only expensive garage decors to impress their neighbors, but not for me.

Charley Boorman, Ewan McGregor and Michael Martin just took the BMW because they got it for free. A gift horse and such. Honda does not need expensive sponsorship. Good things also sell without ...

It all depends on what you expect. If you expect nothing because you know nothing about bikes the GS is perfect. If you expect it to last for 200.000 km as most Hondas or expect it to be easy to repair even in Africa you realize how bad the GS actually is.

Show a sly person a mistake and he will thank you. Show a stupid person a mistake and he will insult you.

As far as my unpaid opinion. Paid product placements and surreptitious advertising of Mercedes and BMW can now be found in children's books, see ARD Monitor from 05-02-2015 and WDR service time from 22.12.2015. All statements without guarantee.