Package holiday all inclusive to the sun - Turkish Riviera ✈

For my girlfriend to love, I booked a week-long trip with half board for two people to the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey for the autumn holidays. With a Boing 737 800, whose seat row 13 is labeled 14 for superstitious reasons and whose rows of seats 16 and 18 due to the wing located above the emergency exits have greater legroom, it was in early October 2006 with the airline Sunexpress and a maximum of 20 kg Baggage allowance per person geographically to Asia to the Turkish Riviera, more specifically to Antalya.
There we presented our watches for an hour and were picked up like many other tourists by a strongly air-conditioned bus. This left us after a three hour drive to and through Alanya finally, as many tourists in front of us at their hotels, at our three star hotel Doris ***** out. The hotel is loud brochure on the sea which unfortunately does not mean directly on the beach or directly on the sandy beach.
At the reception we were greeted very rude and first asked to wait, while older people who arrived after us first received their key. Then we were urged to move to another hotel, which we refused. A chip bracelet with the drinks etc. in the hotel cashless be paid, we received only on request.
Instead of the desired room with sea view, we received one overlooking a cemetery. Due to my immediate complaint we were promised for the next day a room overlooking the sea.
Food and drinks purchased outside the hotel are not welcome in the hotel and will be removed from guest rooms as posted, so they are not locked in the suitcase.
Shortly before dinner, we refreshed ourselves in the amazingly warm Mediterranean, which is only about 25 meters from the hotel, on the other side of the main road and can be reached by an underpass.
After a good and sumptuous dinner with liver, pasta, vegetables, many different salads, fruit and various sweet desserts from 19:00 to 21:00, where even more demanding eaters than I did not have to starve to death, there was a snake dancer and a fire breather on.
Then we fell exhausted into bed. To lower the air temperature in our room, we used the air conditioning, which works like all the electronics in the room only when the room key is in a specific slot, making it difficult to recharge batteries.
To set the desired temperature, I removed the cover of the remote control with the help of a screwdriver. On television you could receive not only some Turkish programs but also the two German programs RTL and ZDF.
The next day we went to a rich breakfast with pancakes or omelet, three and five minutes eggs, various jams, bread, sheep cheese, coffee and concentrate juice etc. from 7:30 to 9:30 clock to explore the area.
We discovered not only many semi-finished hotel ruins, but also huge banana plantations, orange trees, date palms, olive trees, hot peppers and eggplant.
Then we asked at the front desk for our promised room with sea view. Since we were only comforted again, I turned to our tour guide and received a firm commitment for a room overlooking the sea for the following day. In addition, I learned that Tuesday to 17:00 clock not far from the hotel a farmer's bazaar takes place, where you can buy not only fruits and vegetables but also a lot of fake branded clothes, watches and sunglasses etc.
On the way to this bazaar we met a very nice couple who also went on vacation. Together we sat down now the intrusive Turkish merchants and practiced bargaining. Quite quickly, we found out that you are offered an expensive "brandwatchirt" at a ridiculous price as soon as you turn your back on the stand.
In the evening we went swimming in the sea and watched as the sun sank glowing red in the sea. If the sea is so close, it is not bad that the clean pool, which is in fact much smaller than he can see in the photos in the prospectus, with the slide and the beach chairs at this time is already closed.
The problem is, however, that the frayed hotel towels, of which only one is changed daily, not allowed to take to the sea.
The next day we got after breakfast, in which there were unfortunately no egg cups for the much too hard three minutes eggs, as promised by the tour guide, our longed for room number 311 with a wonderful view of the sea and the main street along it. The noise of this four-lane road was noticeably quieter, especially at night, than the music of the neighboring pub in our old room. The sash windows of both rooms do not close properly and therefore can not resist the noise.
We spent the day at the sea, after a small walk past banana plantations and small farmhouses without a roof, whose construction the owners did not finish for years. In Turkey, you only have to pay taxes for finished houses.
After dinner, a leather fashion show took place, but turned out to be a sales event. The promised "surprising profits" true free rides to the store of the organizer. After breakfast we drove the next day with the Dolmus to Alanya. This bus honks to attract attention and stops when you stretch out your arm. In Alanya, we were approached by numerous traders with the same truths as at the farmer's market.
We visited a mosque and went to the sandy beach and the harbor. There we were offered boat trips but also other excursion tours.
The next days we spent in super sunny weather relaxed on the beach. In the evening a dance show was shown to entertain the tourists by the pool. In place of RTL ran a Turkish football program on television. The fact that I had signed a travel contract with a non-binding travel appointment turned out to be bad hours after I transferred the due fees. Our return flight was postponed many hours before the start of our trip and should also suddenly land in Nuremberg between. This is forbidden now see also Sat1 file episode 888 from 14.05.2013.
The assumption is close, that the stopover deliberately concealed me and the later date was only called, so that I buy the journey.Already at 1:35 o'clock local time we had to leave our hotel on the day of departure, to be brought to the airport with a bus, which collected still further tourists from different hotels. During our stopover in Nuremberg, all passengers had to leave the aircraft with their hand luggage in order to pass two passport controls and a baggage check again before finally going on. Completely exhausted after the night's sleep, we returned from our holiday. Conclusion: The holiday was cheap with 520 euros but the service underground bad.